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    Wrong SlingPlayer 3.4.1 for iPad iOS 8.1.2


      Can not connect to Slingbox Solo from iPad iOS 8.1.2 via

      SlingPlayer 3.4.1 for iPad since January 5, 2015 update


      Dear Sling support team,

      Before the update of app SlingPlayer for iPad on January 5, 2015, it had no problem logging

      video on my iPad mini Retina iOS 8.1.2 with my only network via Wi-Fi.

      All my devices MacBook Pro OSX 10.6.8 and laptop PC OS XP can connect to my Slingbox

      Solo without problem. I can’t blame the Internet's speed, my Sljngbox Solo and my laptops are

      all connected to the same network.

      I visited your forum to find one solution to fix my problem. As recommended, I have uninstalled and reinstalled app SlingPlayer 3.4.1 a number of times. The iPad's iOS is up to date too.

      My iPad, model: “ME836C/A IPAD MINI WI-FI CELL 128GB“, FOUND my Slingbox Solo

      correctly, then won’t ever connect or buffering (spinning forever). Very frustrating !

      The playback from the same Slingbox is flawless on my two laptops.

      The problem only began after I updated to version 3.4.1 (SlingPlayer for iPad).

      Anyone else having this issue and able to resolve it ?

      Team support, we need a fix to get this working flawless, I am not the only one having this issue. All sounds very similar to the issues listed by the other users. Please have a look and fix it

      could be a fantastic app if the SlingPlayer for iPad would not buffering forever.

      Any suggestions, or do I have to wait for the next SlingPlayer’s version app to see improvements ?

      Best regards,

      Christian Haentjens


      NB: What means this: The Sling Media Team has categorized this as "Assumed Answered" ?


      ·               How to process to check the setting of my Slingbox and SlingPlayer on my iPad ?


      ·               Sling has no phone call number free for problem of up to date software. Why ??? Hardware out of guarantee OK !!!


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          ACC5961813 Newbie
          Similar issue Here on my iPad Air2 unit...  Spoke with Matthew at SlingMedia.  Case #933474 Verified all updates were current for iPad and Slingbox App Deleted and reinstalled App, no change. Matt could access my account using his iPad mini (his equipment specifics unknown). Matt suggested purchasing new App for iPhone to install (only difference being remote features), and he promoted my scenario to the SlingMedia troubleshooting area. Spent $14.99 and installed App, works fine. The fact that I can install a different App and it works flawlessly proves there is an App issue. It cost me multiple hours time of troubleshooting, 1 hour of international phone charges to Asia, and $15 to repurchase an App I already paid for before.  Why should I bear the cost of SlingMedia's issues ?    Customer client relationship feels disjointed.... Waiting to see if anyone contacts me as promised, and makes me whole on my financial investment in their problem.  This worked fine until the update!!!!      Don
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              ACC5961813 Newbie
              Update SlingMedia Tech support contacted me today for confirming information... Fyi No solution yet but appears they are working on it.
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                ACC5961813 Newbie
                Now I am Thoroughly HOSED. iOS 8.1.3 has now ceased my ability to connect via iPhone or iPad.    NOT GOOD ONLY DAYS BEFORE THE SUPERBOWL.   What am I paying for?????????????!!!!  Now I have payed for original iPhone and iPad apps, duplicate iPhone App, an now NO SERVICE ON ANY App!!!!! Not Happy!!!!!
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                  ACC5961813 Newbie
                  Sling media reps I had to watch the biggest Football game of the year (SUPERBOWL) using Face Time with my wife's iphone directed at my home TV set because the Sling setup I paid good money for has not been working properly since the upgrading around JAN05.  Now if I (technically incompetent) can figure out how to get this done, I would hope your SM assets have enough tech skills to solve the real problem! Or should we all find something better to use????  How long does it take SM "experts" to figure out a solution? (Beginning to sound like an old joke about changing light bulbs....)
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                  I have precisely the same problem. Ipad2 slingbox solo after updating to ios 8.1.3. No problems connecting with any other devices. Im afraid this looks like what happened with ipad 1st gen. Slingmedia stopped supporting ipad1 after slingplayer version 1.5.4. But the app store automatically updated my app to a higher unsupported version effectively making my ipad1 useless as i only used it for slingplayer. Looks like this problem hasn't been solved as of yet. Booo