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    Help please

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      I am out of the UK and am watching my Sky on my apple macbook air.  However, my neighbour has just contacted

      me to say my TV is on at home and I think I have activated it by using sling box because no-one has access to our

      house.  Can this be the case, if so does anyone know how I can stop this happening.


      Many thanks.  Julie C

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Lots of threads on the forum about this.   Nothing to do with the Slingbox, your TV is sensing a signal on the HDMI cable when you switch on the Sky box and turning itself on.   When you get home go into the settings on the TV and disable it.

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              Hi Alan


              Thanks for your reply back in Feb, Im only just getting round to actioning this.


              When you say disable the TV ... could you please tell me how to do this as I have very little knowledge of TV set up and such.


              I am very grateful for your help.