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    Need help setting up a slingbox Model sl200 PLEASE!


      I Was working on my moms router trying to figure out why the speeds were so slow when I found a sling media box connected to it. Asked her about and she didn't know anything about it nor my sister. Looked on line and saw what it was so I figured I would hook it up. It looked like it may have been installed/ in use before but just recently we had the router replaced so not sure if it needs to be reconfigured. I can see it in Network settings on the computer, I tried using the slingbox setup on the slingbox web page but it gets stuck at locating your slingbox on the network. Id like to get it hooked up so I can connect with my ipod and watch tv on it. I already have the app installed and setup a slingbox account. Any Help would be appreciated!

      Hey Alan as crazy as it might sound this sl200 has no reset, no button nor a pinhole reset. lol **** near did a full physical without pulling it apart lol. For some reason the website wouldn't let me relpy to your post normally so I had to put it in here. It kept saying an error has occurred you might have been logged out.