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    Slingbox Classic SD-100 not working with Slingplayer desktop 2.0.4522 (says not supported)

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      Hi, I have an old slingbox classic SD-100 that I am trying to use with Slingplayer 2.0.4522.   When I try to set it up with the program, I get an error stating "This device is not supported by Slingplayer.  Click here to view a list of supported devices."  When I click the link it takes me to a site that states "Sorry but the page you requested does not exist".


      I did find another site Slingbox.com - Support Downloads which has the up to date listing of which slingboxes will work with which software and when you click on the subsequent link Slingbox.com - Which SlingPlayer software works with my Slingbox? it specifically states that the legacy slingbox (ie: slingbox classic) is compatible with older slingplayer software which links you back to version 2.0.4522.


      I contacted tech support and they shared the following link with me and told me that this one will work with the Slingbox Classic (I am running windows 7 by the way but have also tried it on windows xp and get the same message).  The link that tech support gave me is http://download.slingmedia.com/player/pc/SlingPlayer_2.0.4522_Setup-Global.exe which is the exact same software I am already running.  Does anybody have any other suggestions (trying an older version of the software may do the trick but I cannot find an older download file.)


      Thanks for the help!