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    Adding slingbox ID not working

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      I have a Slingbox 500/SlingTV. I am trying to logon to the Slingplayer app, but it isn't letting me. When I go to login, it tells me that I need to register my Slingbox ID to my account. It gives me a weblink, and when I click it I am just directed to the Slingbox homepage. I have looked up what to do and I am told to make sure that I am logged in, which I am. It says that my username will appear in the top right corner of my screen if I am logged in, but it doesn't appear. It then says to click on the Slingbox Directory which is located in the Connect menu. There is no Connect menu on my screen. When I search up Connect menu or Slingbox Directory on the website, it tells me that there were no items that matched my search. My problem is that this website is not directing me the way it should be, and all of the things that are supposed to be shown on the website are not. I am going on vacation soon and I would like to be able to watch all of my shows on my computer. Slingbox.com - Adding a Slingbox using its Slingbox ID this was the website that I used to "help" direct me through the process of adding the Slingbox ID to my account.