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    Thin black horizontal lines at top and bottom of TV screen

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      We have been using a Slingbox 500 at home, feeding into a WD TV Live box at our small weekend place for a year or more.  Until last week, we were using the WD box with the component cabling, as we were using an old 4x3 CRT TV.  It all worked well.


      We have now upgraded to a 42" Vizio HDTV, and HDMI cabling.  The picture is great, but it has two thin black horizontal lines about an inch from the top and bottom of the screen.  The lines each start and end about an inch or two from the left and right sides of the screen.


      When we hooked the WD box up using the component cable, the lines were gone, but so , of course, was the full-screen HDTV quality picture.  We tried another, shorter, HDMI cable, with no change.  When we use other apps on the WD box, there is no line, so I am figuring that that fact makes it likely to be a Slingbox issue. (???)


      Does anybody have any thoughts on the matter?  Thanks,