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    Question about having 2 Cable Boxes hooked up


      Ok so to explain alittle.. I have the new HD Pro Slingbox and I hooked it up to my first cablebox *DCX3400 and it works GREAT.. I know you can hook up 3 more things so I wanted to hook it up to my other cablebox in the same room (another DCX3200) so that if one was recording or not I could turn it on and record something if the other one wasnt. I did this (at least I think I added it) and now when I turn on one they both turn on.. And when I change the channel they both change the channel. This isnt good lol. I need them to be totally seperate. I moved them away from each other and they still do the same. so my question is..

      How do I hook up 2 (of the same) to make them work. I thought when I signed in to slinbox from whereever.. I would see 2 units and be able to select which one I wanted and work off that one and the other woudl stay off (since it is using a different IR sensor) but I guess you cant tell the slingbox which IR goes with what input..


      I am running one off the composite and one off the svideo..


      Can anyone help..


      Patrick Conner

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          eferz Expert

          The IR Blaster for your Slingbox will broadcast the same signal on all three of its leads.  So, there's no way to physcially seperate them.  However, some set-top boxes allow you to setup an address for the set-top box and the remote.  This will allow multiple set-top boxes in the same area to only respond to a remote with the same address.  I'm afraid this is the only way you could put the same boxes on one Slingbox and control them seperately.  So, if your set-top box doesn't offer this ability then you'll probably need to get a seperate Sligbox.