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    Smart TV app... PLEASE!!!

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      I just bought a SlingBox TV... So far I am happy with the purchase. I have AT&T Uverse and now I can watch business news at my office. HOWEVER, getting it connected at my office is ridiculous!! First, I had to buy a Roku for my TV (additional $100)... then I had to buy your Android app ($16 more) then I have to start the Slingplayer "APP" on Roku, then launch Slingplayer on my Android phone and redirect the stream to the Roku... I am a very technical person and this seems like a lot of extra steps to go through just to watch my SlingPlayer stream! WHY NOT have a true application for smart TV's that allow you to log in, like Netflix, and BOOM... your watching TV??? It's totally ridiculous to have to go through all these steps! If you could make it easier for people to watch their SlingStream on an actually television, you would sell 3 times the units you sell today... guaranteed! ALSO, having a simple FREE phone application to act as a remote control ONLY would be nice!!!