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    350 with 50 Mb/s connection problem ?

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      TEST #1:


      Place #1

      Singlebox 350

      50Mb's connection FIBER from ISP router

      upnp on/ DMZ and port forward 5201 on to the slingbox ip (dhcp reserved) ( although no need for port forward i still did..)


      port forward checking shows 5201 is open from wan side.


      place #2 :


      5Mb's connection HDSL  ON A CISCO ROUTER

      PORT 0 ->



      WAN 1 Dedicated Commercial Static IP  Router E2500 Linksys

      LAN 1  ->  roku (wired)  192.168.5.x

      WLAN ->Ipad (wifi) 192.168.5.xx



      MAXIMUM resolution seems to be 340 or 460x480 /

      IPAD Profile: lebo3

      proxy advanced

      network wan


      non initiate buferefing 4

      500-1500 kbs MAX .....out of 5000....... speedtest.net shows 5230/1200 kbs



      why can't it use the full 5 megs on place 2 when i have 50 megs juice on place 1...

      nothing else is using the network , been doing this 21 years now.....networking and programmer


      running wireshark shows nothing wrong.

      Why all this buffering , there should not need any, ....