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    Considering the 500, have some questions.


      Hello. I had planned on getting the DTV Genie Go2, but then I came across the Slingbox and it appears it can do what I need, and better than what the Genie Go2 could. I do have some questions I'd like addressed before I spend my money though. Forgive me if they seem silly or obvious. I just really need to make sure I am paying for what I need.

      I have a DirecTV HR-34(1st gen genie). Is this compatible with the 500?

      I have my DTV box connected to an AVR(Denon 4311), will this be an issue or would I just use the HDMI OUT from the 500 to the AVR? Same as the component for protected content?

      Now, my whole reason for wanting the 500 is I am currently living in Arizona, and will be traveling to Wisconsin for a few months every year and would like to watch my DTV programming on my laptop while in Wisconsin. I assume this is possible? Any restrictions? I see the desktop software isn't compatible with the 500 yet? When do they plan to have it compatible? I would need it in April. I can watch anything recorded or live that my DTV subscription offers? HBO? Live MLB, NFL? Any channel?

      Also, with my use/needs, do I really need the extra features the 500 offers over the M1?


      I know some of this seems obvious, but I just really want this all confirmed so I can purchase and know I am getting what I need. Thank you for taking the time to help out a "noob"!