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    Custom BIN for Fusion Genesis Movie Server


      I have a Fusion Genesis Movie Server that I’d like to be able to control from my sling box. I’ve read “How to Create Custom Remote Controls … Slingbox” and I’ve searched everywhere I can think of and can’t find a BIN. I tried to use the http://betaremotes.slingbox.com/ web site but it keeps re-directing me to http://sling.uservoice.com/forums/1433-sling-com-general.


      I don’t have the tools I need to build the BIN and would really appriciate it if someone could build the BIN fie for me.


      For more info on the web site for the product is http://www.fusionrd.com/genesis.htm


      Below is a pix of the remote and attached is an Excel file containing the IR HEX codes in CCF format