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    Pro network lamp on, but slingplayer does not see Pro


      Hi Guys,

      Ive got an issue with my Pro thats in the USA. Its been fine (other than the now fixed speed crash issue) for several years.


      The router has been changed recently due to it breaking for reasons unknown. The pro continued to work fine remotely on the new router although would take some time to establish a connection, this due to the fact I had not updated the port forwarding. Once connected though worked fine. On the local network no connection was possible.


      My last visit I updated the IP address to be in range of the router DHCP, The pro could then be seen on the local network, although it then was not accessable remotely.


      Returning next day to fix the (suspected) firewall problems I found that the Pro was now not accessable on the local network.


      The network lamp is on, solid, no flashing. Cables checked, power booted twice on router and Pro.


      Suspect I have a dead box not sure. Any suggestions would be welcome :-)


      The router is Zyxel EQ-660HW (Centrylink)


      Many thanks in advance