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    App for Open source Android TV Box?



      Is there a way or an App for Sling Box to work on an Android TV box?

      The TV box I have, is a new Skystream X Android 4.4 OP system with Quad-Core (open source)...connected to a SMART TV (Samsung 55")..

      I try to load the Sling Box App, so I can remote view my Sling Box unit (Pro HD unit) from my summer home while here at my winter home, but the choices seem to be for only IPad, IPhone or Android phone, or Windows at a $ charge (which I don't mind to pay)....but don't want to buy the App and it not work for the Skystream X Android 4.4 unit knowing I am selecting for some similar type unit (Android Phone or Android Pad unit that seem to be the only choices as listed for selection )...

      I have the paid (a one time charge) for Sling Box App already for my laptops, IPad and Android Phone now (all is working fine to this point in time)...

      I am able to mirror the Apple IPad (with the Sling Box App on it) to the SMART TV (Samsung 55").... but thought I would have better performance going through the new Skystream X Android TV box.

      Any help or suggestions??