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    Buffering Question



      I took my ipad Air and laptop to a friends house. Put both on his wifi. He has 10Mb/s download.

      Connected to my home that has 10Mb/s Upload and the ipad app would not stop buffering. tried rebooting it, closing all apps, etc. Only buffering, tried for an hour.

      DIsconnected form the ipad, connected using my laptop, beautiful, crystal clear image. let that go for 15 minutes, never a hiccup.

      Tried with the Ipad again samr thing only buffering.


      Did multiple speed tests from my iPad and was consistently getting 10Mb/s download.


      Ipad Air, download was full 10Mb/s Upload on the sling side was full 10Mb/s (actually 10.5) UP. ios8, latest Sling Player for iPad.

      What am I missing here??