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    Fire tv and Slingplayer

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      Hello, I am. currently using a Sony Media Player to stream my office cable TV to my home tv. It works pretty well but am considering changing to Firetv just so my kids can have a few gaming options. I have a buddy tv app on my iPhone and the app loaded with my channel line up. The app also recognizes my media player and acts as a remote. I can't find anything on the fire tv that indicates there is an "app" to control Slingplayer. Do you have to go up/down through all of the channels to get to the one you want? That could get pretty frustrating it seems. Any thoughts on the Firetv vs the Sony Google media player? Thanks for you input.


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          I had the Sony GoogleTV and overall, the FireTV is almost better.  It does not currently support the channel settings unless you hit meant and manually enter in the channels via the screen.  If you can deal with not having a quick way to get to your channels with a bluetooth device, the FireTV is fast and great image quality.  I hope Sling will add Logitech Harmony support and then I will have a perfect replacement for my Sony Google TV. Hope this helps.