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    Sling from Japan - US, PRO-HD vs. 350 bandwidth discrepancy question

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      Hi. I am trying to resolve bandwidth discrepancy that I cannot figure out why it is occuring.
      I have 2 Setups simultaneously and have wondered why 350 is slower than the Pro-HD.


      Setup 1:

      Slingbox Pro-HD, Location = Japan, 10,000 kbps measured upload


      Setup 2:

      Slingbox 350, Location = same place as setup 1 (for note, Pro-HD and 350 uses different port so no conflict issue for that)



      Viewing location: 1
      USA - Comcast X-finity with 50,000 kbps actual measured bandwidth

      Setup 1: 2500 - 3500 kbps
      Setup 2: 1900 - 2010 kbps


      Viewing location: 2 (sane as viewing location 1)

      Japan - 100,000 kbps actual measured bandwidth

      Setup 1: 4000 - 5000 kbps

      Setup 2: 4000 - 5000 kbps


      I understand that based on the viewing location, the bandwidth could change.
      What I don't understand is that in Japan I am receiving same amount of bandwidth from both devices.
      However, when I come to the US, I am getting great discrepancy in the bandwidth between the older Pro-HD and the 350.


      350 required at least 3000 kbps to watch at full capacity and thus I am basically not using the 350 at all at this time and is a waste.

      If anyone has similar problem they have solved or are familiar with the matters, help would be great.

      If buying the 500 will solve the issue, I can do that also, just would not like to buy another one and end up having the same problem.


      Thanks in advance,