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    Roku 3 Sling, buggy?

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      I have a Sling box 350 at my house in the USA with 30mbps upload. Cable. Constant speeds.


      I am working in the UK and the connections are great (I have 70mbps download). Cable. Constant speeds. I am getting over 2 mbps most of the time and dropping to 1.5mbps some of the time. More than I expected given the UK-USA latency. Even my Note 4 right now as I type is showing 1640 kbps.


      So, I am a happy chappy.  I am watching sports games from my computer and near HD quality. The NOTE 4, given the small screen is awesome too. The Roku 3 quality on my 50 inch screen is also incredible considering how far away my cable box is However, The Roku 3 seems to be very buggy. It says BUFFERING a lot and every 5 to 30 mins just drops altogether, back to the main menu, even though the quality looks great.  I never get a drop from my NOTE 4 or my MAC - even watching hours and hours of sports.


      Since it's ONLY the Roku 3 giving me these issues and that my I can watch Netflix, Amazon and HBOGO with no issues, It is clear the Roku Sling app isn't very good at managing changing bandwidths. I can't see to set any options.


      Buggy for anyone else?


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          Have a ethernet connected sling box 350 at home with good uplink speeds. My Roku 3 with latest sling app is Ethernet connected with high speed internet at the remote location. Using my Nexus 7 tablet with sling box app to cast to my roku 3. There's frequent buffering, sound variation and disconnects. Any suggestions on resolving these problems?