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    Can I use SB700-100 Sling adapter from Dish for ANYTHING sling related?

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      I have the VIP722K with sling adapter SB700-100.  I purchased the SlingPlayer app, hoping to use my Roku to stream on a different TV in our home.  I am getting the message "We're sorry, but your DISH Network SlingLoaded™ DVR is not optimized for use with Slingbox.com. For more information about DISH TV Everywhere and compatible mobile devices, please visit DISH Online."  Does this mean that I need a newer slingbox (I was thinking about M1) to use slingplayer with my DVR, or will I not be able to use any slingbox with that DVR for slingplayer?  I contacted Dish to ask them this question, and they directed me back to sling.com.  Help, please!

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          Oddly, the Slingplayer for iPhone app does handle streaming to a Roku from a traditional Slingbox, while Dish Anywhere for iPhone does not.  Which doesn't help you, since Slingplayer for iPhone's release notes say:


          "If you are a DISH Network customer, the following devices are NOT compatible with the Slingplayer app. Please download the free DISH Anywhere app.

          - Hopper with Sling receiver

          - Hopper receiver

          - VIP 922 receiver

          - Sling Adapter"


          (The error message you're reporting mentions Slingbox.com, so I imagine you're trying to use the Slingbox website?  That won't work regardless of whether you're using a Slingbox or Dish Anywhere Sling technology-powered device--you'll need a mobile app, such as for a phone or tablet).


          Best you can do is:

          - Get an actual Slingbox

          - Complain louder at Dish Network

          - Or I'm missing some piece of critical information