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    Playback freezes (video only) when full screen

    Me262 Newbie

      So basically I have multi monitor setup. I like to play videos on my other monitors while for example I play games in full screen. But Slingbox image will freeze as soon as I am in full screen. Other videos, such as youtube, does not have this problem. Audio is still fine tho! I can hear it un-intrerupted. Just the image basically freezes until I exit the full screen of my application (usually games).


      What can be done?

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          Just a guess--you have two things on your computer combatting over which one gets to be full screen.  Try:


          - Telling your game to not blank/affect other monitors when running full-screen

          - Don't use full-screen in the Slingplayer when playing games on the other monitor--just drag the regular non-fullscreen Slingplayer window really big instead


          No guarantees on either of those suggestions.  Just thoughts.