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    Help with overall use of Slingbox

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      I have been a Slingbox user since the early 2000s.  However,  I must admit,  I understand very little to nothing about the technical aspects of how it works.  I am OK with computers,  but not a technical person.  Here's my problem though ... Slingbox was once a fantastic product for me.  Over the years,  it has declined to the point that it is unusable.  In the early 2000s I had excellent picture quality,  flexible viewing options,  never had lost signals.   Now?  Picture quality is terrible,  there is little flexibility in resizing the screen and moving it around in a multiple monitor environment,  and I am constantly having to reconnect,  constantly.    And Slingbox has gotten worse,  as my hardware had greatly improved.    What was once just a B router,  migrated to G,  then A,  then N  .... and I am probably 4 or 5 computers away from my initial experience using slingbox,  so processors and RAM are vastly greater than initial use .... YET,   all the time,  my slingbox experience did nothing but decline.  I got to the point years ago that I simply stopped using it.


      I want to use Slingbox again.  I have a SOLO.  I want it to work.  BUT,  I have a lousy picture,  limited screen size flexibility and constant reconnect issues.


      Can someone PLEASE point me to the best resources/articles that I could use to troubleshoot and try to locate the technical issues that cause problems?   I have tried using their website,  knowledge base to do this,  but that was a miserable experience as well.


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