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    Slingbox500 not visible in Directory or connection on my Android based cell and Tablet

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      Hello all,


      I recently purchased a Slingbox 500 on ebay.  I have installed the unit per the instructions and I was able to view it in the setup and on my tv. 


      I have downloaded the sling player app for both my cell phone and my tablet.  These are both Android based.  However, I am not able to see my sling box in the directory on either unit or when clicking on connect on either unit.  Can anyone help me get this straightened out?


      Cell Phone - Samsung Galaxy Note 4

      Model - SAMSUNG -SM-N910A

      Android Version - 4.4.4


      Tablet - Samsung Tab 2 10.1"

      Model - SAMSUNG-SGH-I497

      Android Version - 4.1.2