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    My Slingbox pro hd no longer connects to my computer or i pad and need assistance to problem solve???

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      I have replaced my modem recently and now my sling box pro will not connect to my i phone, i pad or i mac.  I have powered it off and on several times as well as reset the sling box. When I reset it the red lights blink two times but then only the power light stays on. The network light is off.  In the past when the box was working both lights were on.  This happened to me when my sling box was under warranty a year or so ago and the company sent me a replacement.  I suspect the unit may once again be malfunctioning, however it is no longer under warranty.  After my last reset, the power light is on, the network light blinking and the other lights that usually go on when connected. (upside-down U shape) is on. Any suggestions will be appreciated.