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    No virtual remote shown on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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      For some strange reason I do not display a virtual remote on my Android phone. I do have "Show controls on connection" turned on and "Enable channel Up Down" turned on.

      I have also Reset my Slingbox and have selected that I am using my provider as "AT & T Uverse" as my provider and a "Motorola VIP 1200" as my Cable Box, but still no virtual remote shows up.

      I use to have the virtual remote when I had an iPhone 4, but have since switched to an Android. Slingbox will not help you unless you pay a ransom of almost $30 just to tell you why I can't use their product properly. For something that should be simple they should help their customer.

      Without the virtual remote I can not turn on my AT & T box, change channels or use any functions. If someone at home turns on my cable box and places it on a channel, I can watch everything, but can't make any changes.

      Please help me with this question because it is driving me nuts. Thank you, Richard


      P.S. I do get a virtual remote on my ASUS Transformer Android, but not on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or my Samsung Tab 4