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    Can't install SlingPlayer for Chrome on my Mac. Getting "Please Quit Chrome browser to Continue" but Chrome isn't running


      I went to use my SlingPlayer on my MacOS from a Chrome Browser.  It immediately prompted me to download a new SlingPlayer plugin.

      I downloaded the DMG file and started the installation.  I get a dialog box popping up saying: "Please Quit Chrome browser to Continue".

      So I quit out of Chrome.  It popped up with the same dialog.  I then went into Force Quit but Chrome isn't running,  So I then went into a Terminal window and ran a ps -ef command to find any processed running anything with Chrome in the title and killed those.  It keeps popping up with that same message.

      So then I rebooted my MacBook and tried again without even starting Chrome this time.  Still the same message pops up and keeps popping up.  While I'm writing this 8 windows popped up saying the same thing. "Please Quit Chrome browser to Continue


      Please help.