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    Slingbox Solo - no network connection

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      My Solo has been connected successfully for several months.  Suddenly the network light has gone out and the box fails to reset.  Can I solve the problem with a new power supply?

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          I have the same problem, (slingbox solo) and found the same solution suggested online. Would like to know if this will work before buying a power supply, or just getting a new sling box.

          My  solo is over 4 years in use.

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            If the box is failing to factory reset, it sounds to me like the Slingbox may not be getting enough power.


            The first thing I would make sure of is that the existing power supply is plugged into a wall outlet, as opposed to a surge protector.  This should rule out any possibility of there not being enough power being fed into the power supply.


            If that doesn't help, I would definitely consider replacing the power supply.  You can get a new power supply from this webpage:



            Hope this helps!