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    Network status and port forwarding

    Me262 Newbie

      I have two questions.


      First, I would like to ask what are all the ports that need to be forwarded? Googling, I found port 5001, but then I noticed my 350 actually uses 5201. Is 5201 the only port i need forwarded, or are there any other ports that need to be forwarded?


      Second, when I'm watching via web player, in the top left it's "My Slingbox". Hovering over, another "My Slingbox" appears, and hovering over that I get "Owner" and "Network Status". When on LAN, the "LAN" status is ON as well as a "Streaming" ON. Quite obviously, when not at home, I get "LAN" OFF, and no "Streaming" status. So, other than telling me when the connection is on LAN or not, is there any other use for this?