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    M1 vs. 500 (SlingTV) features question?

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      I tried pulling up the comparison webpage, however it throws the "page is not accessible" error.




      What are the biggest differences between the two?

      And what am I getting for $100 extra and 2 year old(er) hardware?(M1 is $130 and 500 is $230)

      HDMI pass thru is not a big deal, as I think majority of the programming is encrypted anyhow.  99% would go over the component cables...M1 would do the trick.

      I can do both Wi-Fi or Wired so either box would work.

      What's the purpose of the 500 (SlingTV) remote? 

      Do I have to use that at home to control my cable box? 

      Can I still use my DirecTV remote?



      My main concern is the user interface as I will be using it with the Amazon FireTV.


      Can I pull up the DirecTV or Charter Cable box native menu (DVR shows, guide, ch up or down controls) using my FireTV remote? 

      I have seen some negative posts on Amazon; however it was a while ago when the 500 model was just introduced.