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    Deciding which one to buy and need advice

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      1. So, I've recently switched back to Comcast/Xfinity from Dish (long story won't get into here).  I loved the Dish Hopper system with the Slinbox adapter I used to have (only works with Dish).  The X1 system doesn't compare very well, so I need another slingbox and I am torn between the 500 and M1.  Reason being, I'm not fond of the X1's user guide- it only displays 5 channels per page, is very cumbersome to find shows and and it's a pain to follow my sports teams compared with the Hopper.  I would love to see/learn more about the abilities of the Slingbox 500 versus the M1 to see if the improvements in this area are worth the extra price, but I can't seem to find much info on that.  If you use a Comcast/Xfinity X1 system with your Slingbox, please share your experiences.  Thanks in advance, Matthew