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    Slingbox setup

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      I am setting up a sling box pro.  In going through the scripts it says the software needs to be updated to the latest version.  This process begins normally and when it reaches the 25% complete stage it hangs!

      I have tried this several times but always the same result.  Does anyone have a clue on how to overcome this problem?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Have you done a Forum search for '25%' ?   There are dozens of posts about this.

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            You are right Alan!   I didn't realise that this was such a widespread issue, and the Sling team confirmed to me that they are "working" on a fix.

            They advised me that the best (only?) solution was to do the update in a Windows environment which I have carried out today.  I had other issues using Internet Explorer

            which were resolved after I downloaded and used Mozilla Firefox and all went smoothly after that.  Having been a Mac user now for many years the experience reminded me what a clunky

            environment Windows is.  Perhaps its just a case familiarity.