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      When trying to connect on my Mac slingbox ask for a password which was never sent. I know there are other questions in the forum about this exact question but for some reason it cannot reply to comments b/c it tells me I am not logged in and needless to say it's one problem after another, please get your website working correctly!


      brittany.sling slingmedia-admin If you visit the link you provided and then click on the link at the bottom of the page one of the following happens neither of which help:

      1. The link takes you to the exact same page!

      2. The link causes a pop-up window to appear that continues loading without ever resolving and therefore you cannot access the page!

      3. You click on the link and select to open in a new tab, this will get the page to load but it does not have any sort of info related to passwords and there is no left hand column just the name of your slingbox and it's IP if applicable.

      This is more than frustrating so any help would be greatly appreciated!!!