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    Desktop slingplayer and touchscreen laptops (windows 8)

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      Does the desktop slingplayer not work with touchscreen laptops? I just bought a flip screen laptop and when I touch the screen with slingplayer open, none of the buttons work (whether it's in table mode or not). I can't change channels or maximize or minimize the screen or anything. I have the M1, so I don't even think there's an app I can download to use it with. Has anyone else noticed this on their touchscreen laptops? Also, I find it very annoying how hidden they make the desktop player download on their website. It probably took me a good 10 minutes to find it, and I used the search boxes and every drop down menu. Finally, I bypassed the website and used google to find it.


      Edit: I tried it on a different, regular laptop with windows 8 and touchscreen works, but it still doesn't not work on this new 2 in 1 laptop. Anyone else notice this on a convertible laptop?

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          I seem to have found a work around. If I open the player with the touchpad and bring out the remote first, I am able to use the touch screen to change channels on the remote (then I can go into full screen mode and tap the screen to bring the remote up again). I still can't change channels using the arrows near the streaming bar or control much of anything else, though. I am using a Asus and wonder if it might be a compatibility issue. The touch screen is fine for everything else and has no problems with responsiveness except for with slingplayer.