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    Need help identifying best / required Sling equipment

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      I want to acquire and install Sling equipment that will enable me to access the TV signal received at my home via DISH satellite in the USA.  I want to access this signal when I am in Mexico and want to watch it on TV only; i.e., I am not intending to watch it on a PC, laptop, or mobile device.  I have WIFI at both my USA home and at the facility in Mexico.  Do I need to be concerned about whether the internet download and upload speeds are sufficient at both locations, and if so, what minimums are required?  Do I only need an M1 plus cables to connect at my USA home and my laptop plus cables to connect to a TV in Mexico?  What cables are required at each end?  Also, our DISH receiver frequently "goes to sleep" and has to be "turned on" when we resume watching TV from time-to-time.  Is this a problem with using Sling; i.e., how will we turn the DISH receiver "on" if we are in Mexico and it is asleep?  Thanks for any help / suggestions.  Simon

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