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    slingbox stopped working, won't reset????


      Hello, I got a new computer and thought I'd watch my slingbox through it.  I logged on to my account, installed the plugin and everything was fine for an hour or two until I turned it off for the night.  I tried watching the next day and I got the following error message:


      The Slingbox is not saved to your account. If you are not the owner, please contact the owner to gain access.


      If you are the owner, follow these steps to save the Slingbox to your account:


      • 1. Press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds.
      • 2. Wait until the Network and Power LEDs are both on.
      • 3. Click the Refresh button below to configure the Slingbox.


      I then tried to watch from the original computer that I had always used before and I got the same message.  I press and hold the Reset button but nothing happens no matter how long I hold it.  I unplugged it from the power source and after some flashing lights (power and network) I got the same message.  I unplugged it from the router and then back in and continued to get the same message.  If I go to slingbox.com support at the top of the screen it says "Sling services for your slingbox are operating normally".


      I am looking for some help, I can't watch and don't know what to do other than following the reset instructions which aren't helping.  Any help would be appreciated.