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    Cut Cable for Placeshift


      Currently paying for cable in two places and investigating using slingbox to eliminate costs for 2nd location (M1 seems like the right option for me as I just want to have same access in both locations).  Have AT&T Uverse Internet at both locations, so any answers that are ATT Uverse specific are greatly appreciated.


      Trying to determine:

      1) Most reliable/independent option to stream at 2nd location (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, etc)?

                All except Fire seem to require a dedicated device (phone, PC, tablet, etc) to initiate and manage use at 2nd location.  User friendly is a serious consideration as wife and kids will need to be able to use.

      2) Best speed required for the money (saw 2 MBps, but see this as a minimum)? 

                Would like to get reliable quality with minimal buffering, without having way more bandwidth than actually needed considering paying for higher speed Internet 2x in lieu of 2nd cable/satellite charges.