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    manual setup of 350

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      The 350 is not being located when trying to setup.  It is there in the router and the lights on the front are as they should be.  Don't know why it is not being found, but is there any way of getting into the setup and entering the necessary information manually - I know the IP address and MAC no from the router and have set up port forwarding of 5201 with a static IP address for the 350.

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          When setting up a 350 via Watch on Slingbox.com, your computer either queries Sling Inc. for any local non-setup Slingboxes or it just searches the local network.  Either one requires your computer performing setup to be able to communicate locally with the Slingbox.


          Anything strange about your network (multiple routers, firewalls, etc) or computer (firewall, network "protection" software, etc)?