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    Missing functionality


      I had previously used the Slingplayer on the iPhone for a good portion of its availability before switching to Android and the Android slingplayer. From my use, I think there are several areas which are lacking compared to the iPhone version:

      • Audio only mode - to use less bandwidth and also let this run in the background
      • Favorite channels / logos: it seems like entering channels just keeps a history of channels that you have gone to. It would be nice to have Favorite Channels with channel icons. Ideally these should sync across devices too.
      • The mute/volume up/down don't have any effect. Either they should be removed or allow using Android's default volume controls


      Overally, this is a great start but let's catch up with the iPhone version.





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          I second the idea of background and audio mode.  Sometimes you'd like to stick your phone in your pocket and listen and now you have to do it on full screen with the app in the foreground.. both the home and the screen off buttons on my Hero result in the app shutting down.


          Also, using a Classic and the guide only opens the guide on my DVR... not sure if that's why.


          Otherwise, very happy.

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              eferz Expert

              If you guys are seeing this in a future update, you may consider posting it in this thread (https://community.sling.com/thread/2924).  Since it exists in the Enhancement Request Forum, it may pull a little more weight.


              seancotten wrote:


              Also, using a Classic and the guide only opens the guide on my DVR... not sure if that's why.


              The "guide" button in the Slingplayer Mobile for Andriod only brings up the respective set-top box's "guide" functionality.  It's unlike the Slingplayer Desktop 2.0 where it brings up the electronic program guide content from Zap2It.