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    Authorized user and APP's


      I just set up a Slingbox and have loaded my IPAD with the proper APP. I have a couple of questions and was wondering if anyone can help.

      1. Is the APP different for the IPAD and for the IPHONE? Do I have to purchase each one separately?

      2. When I log on through my IPAD or on the computer a notice pops up and says there is another authorized user active and do I want to disable that authorized user or not?. Not sure what this means and what I am doing wrong? Can someone help?


      Thank you very much

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          britt.sling Apprentice

          Hello ACC6297692,


          Thank you for vising our Community. I will be more than happy to answer your questions, and I will respond in kind:


          1. The iPad application and iPhone application are, indeed, different. Due to the difference in size between the phone and tablet respectively, the aspect ratio was adjusted to fit the platform during the development stage. The iPad application also gives you access to a full virtual remote like you would see on the computer. You can use the iPhone application on the iPad if you would prefer, instead of purchasing the applications separately, but you do miss out on the aforementioned iPad specific features that come with the separate application.


          2. In situations like this, where you see the "Another Active User" message, this could easily be caused by the other applications not disconnecting during closure before you move to stream on another device. For example, if you were watching on the computer and minimized the browser and left the house to go to another location and then log into the iPad application to stream, this will then give you that message as it still detects the stream from the home location and only one person can stream at a time. The easiest way to avoid this would be to make sure to click "Disconnect" at the end of every session instead of just closing the browser or SlingPlayer.


          I hope this helps!!


          Best Regards,


          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              Hi Britt thank you for your response. Very helpful. It appears that ref #2 that the problem is due to the HDMI cut off issue. When I tell the system remotely to discontinue the current user I can no longer view programs on the main TV. (I've not connected component connections from slingbox to the TV mainly because I have a receiver between the slingbox and TV) I will try bypassing the receiver with the component cables to see if I can watch the same channel on the main TV and on my IPAD. 

              AGAIN, thank you for your reply

              Dan Zeman


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