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      Have Slingbox 500

      ATT at base 2.0 Mbps upstream

      Location where I watch 12Mbps Down

      Computer Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.1


      Had this system for 2 months... about to return to store. Can anyone tell me why image quality is so unstable? Goes from hi to LOW to Freeze constantly. Worst part is that at the peak of every program I loose frames. It is incredibly frustrating. And most important


      1- Is it possible to have a 100% constant good quality video?? or is this normal?

      2- If it can be done... How?


      Now, if I watch any other video online, HBO TO GO, Watch Free TV, Movies, Sports & Music Videos Online! |AT&T U-verse etc, image and quality is constant. No freeze, no loosing the beat.


      Any assistance is highly appreciated.