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    Help With Viewing Stream type


      Does anyone know how to set up port Forwarding for a Westell Model # B90-755025-15 router?  I am currently in Italy and my slingbox is located in Mississippi. The person at home with the slingbox setup port forwarding on the router but I am unable to view in TCP, the only thing I get is SNATT.  When home user views the sling box its in TCP stream mode?? The port is 5001 but when I look at it on my end here it shows that the port is still 5201. I have been all over the internet looking for solutions and I am at a loss. the best bit rate I can achieve is 380kbps. I went into settings and changed my proxy settings to use my VPN, but from what I understand as long as I am in SNATT those settings will not work.


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          Hello Kurt Angle!



          I do see looking at your account that the TCP protocol for port forwarding currently has not passed. This may indicate that there is an issue with the port forwarding in Mississippi. I can provide you an link to the free port forwarding resource we recommend. Also is port 5201 does not work for you, you can use different ports going upwards numerically 5201,5202,5203 etc.




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