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    Slingbox connection problem

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      I currently have two slingboxes...a Slingbox Pro (which has been working flawlessly for over 10 years) and a Slingbox Pro-HD (which I have been having problems with). A while ago, I could not get a connection on the Pro-HD. Searching the community..I narrowed it done to a faulty power supply. I now have the new power suppy connected...but still have connection problems.


      Here is the situation...

      I am using SlingLinks to connect to my router. The router is in my den on the main floor...one cable box/TV is in the living room on the main floor (this is where the Pro is connected)..the second cable box/TV is downstairs in our family room. When I try to connect the Pro-HD downstairs, I cannot get it to connect to the router. I have a Blu-Ray DVD player connected to the SlingLink at that location and it works perfect connecting to the network and streaming video. So, I have deduced that it is not the SlingLink, since I get a connection with the Blu-Ray.


      I have tried connecting the Pro-HD on the main floor where the Pro is located. I had both of these located here previously...and working well...before the Pro-HD went down with the old power supply. Now when I try to connect the Pro-HD at this location...as it was previuosly...it will not network connect to the router. Network light blinks.


      So...I tried connecting the Pro-HD directly to the router...and it network connects there. I have a connnection (network light solid)...but cannot confifure it there because I do not have a cable box in the den.


      With the cPro-HD connected in the den, I know the Pro-HD is working...it is currently connected to the network. I know the SlingLinks are working....The Blu-Ray has a connection to the network at the downstairs location...and the Pro has a connection to the network at living room location. I have tried numerous resets trying to get the Pro-HD to grab a connection at both the downstairs and living room locations, it goes through the connection process...but will not get a solid network light. I did have a small success at the downstairs location. I got a solid network light...but when I tried to connect the composite and audio cables to do the set up..I lost the network connection and could not get it back.


      This has me pulling my hair out!! Any help. suggestions, remedies, solutions would be greatly appreciated....