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    Giving Up

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      I bought a Slingbox 500 in Dec at Best Buy and was really excited to use it at my second location.  After almost 2 mos of screwing around I am ready to call it quits.  I finally thought I had the answer when Cust Support recommended the Amazon Fire TV box.  Everything works great...seems perfect, even a remote control, don't have to use my computer or Chromecast, picture is great...then the picture stops, freezes...and way to often.


      I upped my internet speed to down 15 and up 5-6 consistently  at my remote location and similar at my Slingbox home location.


      Everything works great 95% of the time.  But when watching a game, the news, etc. and the picture freezes, slows down, you have to wait a minute and miss an important part of the show or simply have to stop watching for a few minutes...and this happens consistently, it is enough to drive you nuts. The 5% of issues is enough to drive you nuts.


      Not sure if there are any other things to change or if this is just what the viewing is expected to be?  Obviously everything is set up correctly as it works fine 95% of the time...just then freezes....of course it comes back but then you are frustrated, especially since it will do it multiple times in the evening when watching an important part of the show.


      Any thoughts before I return it?