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    I'm pretty done with Sling now.

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      Between the repeated dropping of an excellent network connection, making it useless to me while travelling, and now to it asking me to "Activate the Firefox SlingPlayer Web Plug-in" in spite of the fact that this plugin is already active in Firefox.  This product, which I once loved, is now more trouble than it's worth, and I'll just use Hola and Netflix and the myriad of other streaming options available.  I really don't even have time for this post, like most of you I am busy and value my time and just want things to work the way they're supposed to.  I'd call Sling and tell them this but..... "You can call us at 1-800-313-4274 for help, but there is a cost of $29.99 for the incident" so that's not going to happen.  In fairness and for full disclosure, when I did have a problem in the past Sling was very good to deal with, and they resolved my issue quickly (bad power supply) and at no cost.  But over time I have become disenchanted with this device.


      I had considered replacing my box with the latest generation, but I expect I'll only have similar problems, so it'll become a doorstop when I get home.


      Thanks for listening to my rant.