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    DRA and Sling app no longer conns to 922 and solo

    jbaer02 Novice

      So my router went out and I had to install an different DSL modem and Router. I went to sling.com to go through the remote viewing setup and I could see and control my 722k with my sling solo.  I have port forwarding on the router setup correctly I would think if I am able to view via sling.com?  I was able to connect via DRA and Android App for both yesterday with the new router, but today I am unable to connect.  When I go to sling.com now it says password is not correct and asks me to input....the default and my password does not work.  Is there something in the router that is "expiring" that is preventing me to remote view?  I tried to sling in via my phone in the house and then at work and nogo.