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    Customize Channel Guide


      Hi, all.

      I've been searching to find out if there is a way to customize the sidebar guide or the full-window guide to only show the channels that are in my Dish Network package or to make a completely customized list myself.  Most of the channels on the guides are not available to me and it really limits the usefulness of the guides if I can't change that.  Any ideas?

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          I'd guess not--they already have to keep track of the channel mapping, (which likely is outsourced (Tribune?)).  I doubt they'd want to keep track of every channel package offered by every provider.  The only exception (again a guess) might be if you were using a Dish-branded Sling Adapter or a Dish Slingloaded DVR.  Dish (who owns Sling, Inc.) may have optimized things to the point where the guide provided by Dish-branded Sling hardware might reflect the channel lineup on one's Dish package.


          Otherwise you may need to use the guide on the Dish receiver itself, rather than Sling's built-in guide.