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    M1: Low quality with Chromecast and Roku LT, not with Windows Desktop App


      I checked on the slingplayer desktop app on a windows PC and it does indicate TCP, which is good.  Actually, when viewing video on the desktop app, I think the video quality is near perfect!  It indicates the stream rate is at 29.97 fps, and the rendering rate is going at 40 fps.  The average bit rate varies between 5 Mbps and 8 Mbps.  Resolution indicates 1080.  That all seems good.  My M1 is connected to my router via an ethernet cable and my desktop is on 802.11n wifi.


      Then why does there seem to be refresh issues on both Roku LT and Chromecast?  Is there anything I can try?


      The refresh issues appear to be evident in news broadcasts where the screen is relatively slow moving until someone moves their hands.  When a broadcaster moves his hands for example, his hands appear to trail back and forth, fanning out.  They both appear to run at 720 resolution.  I know the bit rate on the Roku is 5032 kbps I believe, and I'm not clear as to why it never really goes higher than that.  I've tested my wifi network in various locations using a speed test and I normally get 48 Mbps upload and download on Verizon FIOS.


      When I play on the desktop app vs the streaming players, is there some technical difference between the two?  Ie, does the desktop app stream video entirely on my own network while the Chromecast streams video through sling's network (sends the video to slings network, then sends it back to me)?  A codec difference?


      Thanks in advance