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    Why has my remote control and its icon disappeared?

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      I purchased the M1 Slingbox so that we could watch our Chicago ATT satellite programs in Costa Rica for the six months that we stay down here. Everything worked fine in Chicago when I tested the device. And it also worked fine here in Costa Rica . . . for one night. Then we lost the remote and the remote icon. I've been tearing my hair out trying to find the solution to the problem on the Slingbox web site. There are no FAQs addressing the situation and I can't find any way to get an answer about how to restore the remote or the remote icon. I DON'T WANT TO START A DISCUSSION. I WANT SOMEONE TO TELL ME HOW TO GET MY REMOTE BACK ON SCREEN. Does Slingbox not have a technical support team to address these types of questions? Is the only way I can get my question answered is to "start a discussion" with other Slingbox owners who have run into the same problem? If I have no remote control here in Costa Rica, I wasted my money buying this product.