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    Initial setup for M1 through dvd player-no video signal

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      Trying to set up M1 but can't get video signal.  Have cablevision/optimum digital service and Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250 box.  Using Cablevision Woodbury setting with 4200 box.  Physical setup: Cable box out to dvd player.  Slingbox in connected to dvd payer/recorder out via component cables, and Slingbox out to tv via component cables.  So, Cable box -> dvd player -> slingplayer -> tv.  TV works fine but no video signal detected on slingbox when setting up.  Am I missing something? 

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          Hello frannn,


               This is not a very typical setup, I don't know that I've ever seen a hook up with a DVD player between the set-top box and the Slingbox. Just a few things I'd like you to check: Could you verify that there is no HDMI cable running from the cablebox to the TV? Could you also try rerunning the setup without the DVD player in the mix and see if there is any change?





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