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      My house was hit by lightening and knocked out some of my small electronics not hooked up to a surge protector.  I lost connection with my slingbox.  I can make a connection directly from my slingbox to my router.  However, when I add in the slinglink (4 port connected to the slingbox and 1 port connected to the router) I can't get a connection.  The power lights are on.  The link light is on.  But the network light from the 1 port link to the router is not on and the port light on the router showing that there's something hooked in is not on.  I've gone through all the unplug and replugs with resetting of the slingbox (MANY times).  I've even reset the router.  I've changed out all the cords.  Any ideas????  Could the port on the 1 port slinglink fallen victim to the the lightening????