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    Slingbox error says TV does not support

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      When using slingbox I can stream all channels except HD premium or recorded HD.  When I try to stream an HD movie, I get this error:

      "Your TV does not support this program's content protection.  Replacing the TV's HDMI cables will allow you to view the program."

      I am not using a TV.  I am using a Toshiba Laptop. via internet.  I also tried my iPad Mini.  It gets the same error.  When I am in the house where the slingbox is located, I can stream the HD program on my ipad.  But when I leave the house, I get this error.  The programs I am trying to view are both recorded and live streaming.  I have Showtime and Encore subscriptions with the Direct TV and their latest equipment.


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          EarlyAdopterGuy Newbie

          It's saying you can't use HDMI cables to steam because the content (HD program) has a copywriter protection (DRM - Digital Rights Management) built into it. If you use the component (analog HD) cables and analog audio, it will work. There is no way to put a DRM into an analog signal.


          It's an unfortunate issue with HD channels using HDMI cable output into the Slingbox.  The protection (DRM) is from the content providers - not Slingbox that regulate it. With HDMI, there is a "key" in the digital steam that needs to communicate between the source (CATV or Satellite box) and the TV being sent the signal. The TV sends a key back to the source saying - "yes, I'm here…send the signal".


          Using a laptop does not send a signal back to the source and thus the error message. It's designed to keep people from taking a Movie or sporting event that is High Def (720p, 1080i & 1080p) and send them out to anywhere in the world. If they allowed it, then people would have a "perfect copy" (it's digital remember) every time. Copying any premium movie would be easy…as would it be to get around paying multiple boxes.


          Sorry to bring the bad news. It's a struggle for people that simply want to stream their own content and not share/copy for redistribution. The bad guys ruin it for everyone. Going to an older sling box with component cables (Red/Green/Blue + red/white audio) will allow for a HD signal - just not as good as digital.


          My issue is I have a Tivo Roamio that only has HDMI output, so I can't use my SlingBox Solo with it. I use to steam with my Comcast Box as it had component out, but I bought the Tivo Roamio to avoid paying Comcast a monthly rental fee. My Tivo has a lifetime subscription as well, so I only had to pay for the box and subscription. A little more costly up front, but savings in the long run when you amortize the box over time.


          There probably are ways to get around it, but it would require purchase of other hardware. I'm sure with some digging on other forums (Tivo or here), you can learn what others are doing for a go around.


          Best of Luck.

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            brittany.sling Newbie

            Hey Terford,


            It seems like you are running into an HDCP [ High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection] error.

            To help explain check out: Slingbox.com - Why is your HDMI input disabled in Watch on Slingbox.com?

            If you decide to remove the HDMI I suggest that you power cycle the cable box to restore video.