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    WTF? Slingbox stumped over why my 350 won't connect laptop to modem


      Singbox Support recommended I try the Community to help solve a baffling problem I have connecting to my 350 via my laptop to an apartment modem while travelling.


      It sounds like a Speed or Firewall problem, but no, various trial and error troubleshooting I have undertaken indicates it's not that simple.


      Problem: The issue is a connection btw one laptop and one apartment modem only. You can see below I have isolated the issue...


      Here's what we know:

      - Error is usually P17.

      - Slingbox is working ok at home (so the 350 is not the problem)

      - Slingbox on the laptop works in cafes or tethering to my iPhone hotspot (so the laptop is not the problem)

      - Slingbox on my iPad works connected to the same apartment modem where I am staying (so the modem is not the problem)

      - Download speed at the apartment is 11MBS. iPad also works with the same modem speed. Laptop also works with slower speeds at local cafe (so the speed is not the problem)

      - Firewall on the laptop has been uninstalled and the connection problem remains. I also had Nortons set access rules for it (so the firewall is not the problem).


      One quirk: Slingbox on the laptop WILL connect to the apartment modem -but just one time only. It works once if I uninstall and reinstall it. But then it never wants to connect again. Frustrating.


      It also prefers to connect in full screen mode only. In minimised version it doesn't like to connect. Or if I am lucky I can hear audio, but only see video when I switch to full screen mode. I'd probably cope if this was consistent, but 95% of the time it just refuses to connect, period.


      As I said, it's just with 1 apartment modem, but one that is working fine with my iPad, and one that has proven it will connect if the stars align.


      If anybody has any suggestions would love to hear them!


      Thanks in advance.